Wine is one of the few art forms that speaks to all our senses at once. Although wine is first and foremost about pleasure, it is also the ultimate expression of a particular place and time. It is therefore such a pity that many people have been put off by the snobbery and terminology around wine. My tastings are first and foremost about fun and about helping you to increase the amount of pleasure you get from a wide range of different wines. There is no jargon here (unless you want it!), no formalities, simply a good time and the opportunity to learn interesting and useful ways of appreciating this most precious drink.

When I’m not out drinking wine, I work as a professor of education at Unitec. So I take learning and teaching very seriously (you can learn more about me by visiting my personal website: I believe that we learn by doing, and by enjoying what we are doing. During the tastings you will have plenty of opportunities to actively participate, to ask questions about anything you like, and most of all to enjoy the thrill of making new discoveries. I have taught about wine for over a decade, and am a certfied WSET (Wine and Spirits Education Trust) instructor.

I get great feedback on the tastings, from people who are new to wine and from those who are working in the industry. Here are some endorsements.

The tasting with Hayo was amazing. It was really fun and we learned so much. We now feel a lot more confident around wine!
Sue and John Auckland

Thank you so much for setting up the wine tasting, it was excellent and I will be looking forward to your next one ;). You have lit a fire in me and I am now searching for WSET courses in Bangkok. Please do let me know of future tastings
Shon Bangkok

Surprisingly, although I had several wine tastings in the hotels with my guests conducted by experienced sommeliers, your wine tasting was the most professional, well-prepared, structured and fun.
Olga Moscow